Explore the Many Options in Teeth Straightening from an Orthodontist Near You

Explore the Many Options in Teeth Straightening from an Orthodontist Near You

Whether you’re looking for some insight into the advances made in teeth straightening for either yourself or your child, you’ll be surprised to read that you now have more options than ever before.

Between the advanced technology in orthodontic care and the revolutionary materials being introduced in dentistry, it’s possible to make a smile correction without having to undergo the embarrassment of old-fashioned metal braces.

Although there will be times when traditional braces will still be suggested as the best treatment option for a smile makeover, you may find it informative to read about some of the other options that patients have when they’re searching for a dentist near them for braces in Norcross, GA for their orthodontic care.

An Easy Solution for Minor Smile Correction

In the not too distant past, patients who needed even mild teeth straightening had no option except to wear metal braces – even if they only had one or two teeth that needed to be corrected.

As a result, many patients who could not afford metal braces or did not want to endure wearing them due to their appearance would go without any straightening correction.

That resulted in a generation of adults who look in the mirror every morning and wonder, “how would my smile be better today if only I’d worn braces when I was younger?”

Instead of having to face that conversation every morning, patients can now make the corrections to their smile that should have been done years ago – and it can be done a lot more discreetly!

Choose a Clear Solution for Teeth Straightening

As mentioned, there have been so many advances made in modern orthodontic care, including the types of materials that are used.

Some of these options include clear braces that are worn the same as metal braces – but without the unsightly appearance – and clear dental aligners that can be inserted and removed whenever a patient wants to avoid the appearance of a smile correction procedure.

There will be a cost difference between the various methods, but when you choose a dental practice that offers a free consultation in Norcross, GA, you’ll get the information you need to make the right decision for your smile and your budget.

As an example, metal braces typically cost about $1,000 less than clear ceramic braces over their course of treatment, but the reason has nothing to do with clear braces being higher in demand. It is simply because metal is a less expensive material than clear ceramic.

There may also be some differences in the initial cost of treatment, but this will all be factored into your treatment plan.

Remember to Factor Time into the Equation

Time is another factor that needs to be taken into consideration when selecting your orthodontic care. Not only regarding the length of time that you’ll be wearing your braces or aligner, but the number of office visits that you’ll have to make while undergoing treatment.

For example, metal braces may work faster than ceramic braces or clear aligners for some patients, which would make them more cost-effective when considering treatment time.

And since time is a commodity in today’s hectic world, make sure you understand the expected length of treatment before you commit to one smile solution.

When you visit some dentists near you in Norcross, GA such as Braces Now 14, you’ll not only receive a free consultation and screening, but you’ll also receive a detailed timeline for your planned orthodontic treatment.

Is It Time to Make the Leap to a Straighter Smile?

With so many choices for enhanced smiles in today’s modern dentistry, there really is no better time than now to make the changes to your smile that you dream of when you look into the mirror – or the changes in your child’s smile that you want them to be able to enjoy as an adult.

Instead of reading article after article about the subject matter, why not take time right now to make an appointment with an orthodontist near you like the caring and experienced staff at Braces Now 14 to get started?

There’s no cost involved for a consultation, and you’ll be one step closer to achieving your goal of a straighter smile!

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