Foods Permitted and Prohibited When Wearing Braces

Foods Permitted and Prohibited When Wearing Braces

Your decision to accept the recommendation of your orthodontist to wear braces because of misalignment or crookedness in your teeth or to perhaps help with other dental problems such as gaps, an overbite or underbite should be commended. You would have accepted the word of your orthodontist knowing full well that your mouth will have an ungainly experience for the next 18 months to 2 years.

Your teeth will be dramatically improved with the braces but it will take you days or weeks to become accustomed to the additional pressure on your teeth. You may also experience some pain or irritation around the teeth and gums during the initial days.

If you have a word with your friends or colleagues that have had braces earlier you will receive information that the most difficult part of having them is to give up some of the foods you love. Your orthodontist would have recommended the types of foods to eat and the types of foods to avoid during your appointments with him or her. In this article, we are providing you the information on the foods that are permitted and prohibited to ensure you will be able to take good care of the braces as well as your oral hygiene.

The Foods You Can Have When the Braces Are Placed in Your Mouth

Getting the braces would not hurt except for your financial health but your mouth will be sensitive for a few days after the appointment. Therefore having certain foods with a tough texture can be painful.

You will also be learning how to chew differently and your orthodontist would have recommended only having soft foods for the first few days. The ideal foods to have in these conditions are the following:

Mashed potatoes, scrambled eggs, oatmeal, yogurt, soups, seafood, grains, soft fruits and cheeses, cooked or soft vegetables, pasta, and moist desserts.

The idea would be to have anything that can be chewed easily. The sensitivity in your mouth will improve after a few days when you will be in a position to partially resume your normal diet.

Prohibited Foods When Having Braces

Simply understanding the kind of foods you can have without information about the foods that are prohibited will not prove beneficial. Many types of foods can be had even with braces in your mouth. However, some foods that are considered safe may not be suitable immediately after getting braces. They may irritate your mouth to cause too much sensitivity and pressure. The foods you should avoid immediately after getting braces are the following:

Ice cream, thicker cuts of meat, spicy foods, thick rolls or bread, and citrus foods.

You can continue having these foods after your teeth get accustomed to the braces.

Foods To Avoid Altogether When Having Braces

Your mouth is not the only area that is sensitive and braces are also sensitive to damage. Therefore you will be required to avoid some foods during the duration you have braces in your mouth. These foods include the sticky and hard variety that can damage the wires or bands or even cause a bracket to separate from the tooth. The foods to avoid completely when having braces are the following:

Nuts, popcorn, ice, chewing gum, pizza crust, crunchy vegetables and fruits, hard crackers, chips, bagels and other hard rolls, and pretzels.

The consumption of sugary foods and beverages must also be limited because sugar, when mixed with saliva, can cause plaque to develop. Brushing can remove plaque but it can become a difficult task with braces in your mouth exposing you to the risks of tooth decay. You can certainly have an occasional sweet treat but it is suggested that all other sugary foods and beverages be limited during the week.

Caring for Your Braces

Having made a substantial investment in the braces you would want to know how to take great care of your braces to make sure you do not damage them in any way. Discussing with your orthodontist is perhaps the best way to understand how you can overcome this problem. However, if you are determined to protect your braces just as you are trying to improve the deficiencies in your mouth you can restrict yourself from the foods that are prohibited because they are the primary reason why damages are observed on braces. Besides avoiding certain foodstuff your orthodontist would have recommended the maintenance of good oral hygiene to avoid any damages to the appliance in your mouth. You are recommended to follow the advice of the orthodontist stringently to improve your appearance and also safeguard your investment.

If you have chosen to straighten your teeth from braces now 14 you would have approached an orthodontic provider offering high-quality care for patients and would have received all the information you need about the types of foods to eat and the types to avoid along with information of how to take great care of your braces. You would be dealing with a provider that will ensure your teeth straightened by justifying the investment you made in the same.

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