How to Manage Your Braces Problem during this COVID-19 Pandemic

How to Manage Your Braces Problem during this COVID-19 Pandemic

Successful orthodontic treatment requires several visits to the dentist/orthodontist. But during these desperate times, you need to take other measures to ensure your orthodontic treatment does not fail. Don’t panic, though.

While it is important to follow the dentist’s appointment schedule, the pandemic delay does not have to affect the outcome of the treatment. Additionally, we are here for you, and we have prepared you with some tips to help you in taking care of braces.

With these tips, you should be able to take proper care of your braces at home until your next orthodontic visit. We understand life with braces is not always easy, but these tips should help you out:

Minimizing the Risk of Damaging Your Braces

Your orthodontist must have given you some tips on how to take care of your braces, and you should try as much as possible to follow them. Here is a reminder of these tips:

  • Avoid eating sticky and hard foods.
  • Be gentle with your braces to avoid problems.
  • Maintain oral hygiene of the highest level
  • Floss before brushing your teeth. Do it at least once

What to Do If Brackets Comes Off

Brackets for braces are the tiny squares stuck to your teeth. If one of your brackets becomes loose and eventually falls off, don’t panic. Getting detached from the wires is no big deal since they can be attached once again.

Place orthodontic wax on the loose bracket to cover its sharp edges and secure it. If you don’t have orthodontic wax, you can use a piece of a well-chewed gum (sugar-free) or wax from Babybel cheese.

What to Do If a Wire End Protrudes

Some of the excess wires may start protruding from the back of your braces as days go by. The protruding wires can be both uncomfortable and annoying, but don’t panic. There are several things you can do from home to reduce the annoyance and discomfort.

Place a sugar-free chewing gum or orthodontic wax around the wire causing you discomfort
Use a teaspoon or any other blunt instrument and try to push the protruding wire towards the tooth. Pushing it will mostly make it bend, making it feel comfortable. Don’t use too much force, though. You might end up breaking the brace.

If you want to try something different, use a nail clipper or a clean cuticle cutter to trim the end of the wire. Be sure to be extra careful with this approach not to swallow the cut wire and remove it from your mouth. Also, note that not all cutters or clippers work for this purpose.

What Do I Do If a Wire Breaks?

Brace wires are very resilient, but sometimes they might break. The breakage is usually caused by fatigue as a result of being bent repeatedly. If a wire breaks, it is unlikely to cause any problem. All you need to do is get it out of your mouth.

Should I Continue Wearing My Elastics (Rubber Bands)?

Yes, you should continue wearing your elastics as instructed by your dentist.Continuing wearing the rubber bands for an extended period of time might cause overcorrection, but overcorrection is not much of a problem, and it is even attractive at times.

If you run out of the elastics, kindly book an appointment with your orthodontist and have extra. Don’t buy online because these elastics have different force and size levels. Only your orthodontist/dentist can know the right one for you. Wearing the wrong ones can cause adverse effects.

How to Deal With Irritation in the Mouth

Sometimes braces can cause mouth irritation, especially while you are eating. Apply some orthodontic wax, size of a small pea. Flatten the tiny ‘ball’ and place it where you are experiencing irritation. If you have run out of wax, you can purchase one from the nearest drug store.

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