Some Myths and Facts about Braces You Never Heard About

Some Myths and Facts about Braces You Never Heard About

Many patients are confused about the misconceptions behind orthodontics which is a field of dentistry involved in straightening the teeth. The misconceptions about braces are quite common but some of them are downright myths created by people and have spread like wildfire. Where they started nobody knows but they did begin somewhere to be circulated by everyone and have acquired a life of their own.

In this article, we are looking at some facts and myths about braces that you probably never heard about. We could amuse you with some of the myths but hope you will have a good time laughing and will not consider the impact of braces as being life-threatening. Now let us look at some of the myths and facts for your amusement.

Myth. Braces Are Only for Children

Fact. Children are not the only candidates that require braces because their teeth haven’t developed properly. Approximately 20% of all orthodontic patients are adults confirming that braces are indeed for everyone and it is never too late to consider having a beautiful smile.

Myth. Only Complex Cases Need Help from an Orthodontist

Fact. Orthodontists have undergone several years of specialized training to understand and properly recognize the differences between simple and complex cases. It is well-known that simple cases can convert into complex ones if not treated promptly. An orthodontist is the best choice for your orthodontic needs.

Myth. The Costs of Straightening Teeth from an Orthodontist are More Than A General Dentist.

Fact. Every dental professional has a fee structure regardless of whether he or she is a general dentist or an orthodontist. You get better value for your money when you prefer to visit an orthodontist for straightening your teeth rather than consider having your teeth straightened by your general dentist. In any case, the general dentist will often refer you to an orthodontist if you have a problem with your teeth that isn’t allowing you to smile properly.

Myth. Metal Detectors Can Be Set off by Braces.

Fact. Braces are developed from stainless steel or titanium alloy and neither of them is capable of setting off a metal detector or even rusting. The metal in your mouth will not interfere with radio signals or microwaves either.

Myth. Braces Can Lock Together.

Fact. Have you heard about the one about braces locking together when you kiss? This may be a popular television comedy gag but is unlikely to happen in real life even though you may observe the same being displayed in television shows to laugh. Present-day braces are slim and sleek and some varieties like Invisalign do not even have brackets or wires. Therefore braces cannot lock together and leave you to kiss away to your heart’s content.

Myth. The Cost of Braces Has Reduced Dramatically.

Fact. Earlier braces were expensive because the wires, clasps, and ligatures were made from gold. The costs have now reduced because orthodontists are considering the complexity of the problem, the duration of the treatment and the type of braces when calculating the prices for orthodontic braces. Insurance companies are also supporting orthodontic treatments making them more affordable along with orthodontists that are offering flexible payment plans. These days the goal of orthodontists is to provide braces for everyone who has crooked or misaligned teeth in their mouths and wants to make changes to their appearance.

Myth. Braces Can Prevent You from Doing the Things You Love.

Fact. As long as you do not let your imagination run riot braces do not prevent you from doing anything you love including becoming involved in sports by wearing a mouthguard or playing wind instruments to entertain everyone around you. You may need to learn how to play instruments or use your lips and tongue with the braces on your teeth. Perhaps the only thing braces prevent you from is having foods like popcorn and hard candy for some time. However, remember we just said not to let your imagination run riot and believe many restrictions will be placed upon you just because you chose to straighten your teeth with braces.

You may even get to hear myths from people stating that lightning is likely to strike your braces if you have them but these are mostly from people who for some reason or the other are trying to avoid having braces in their mouths. If you visit Dr. Faraz Soltanian at braces now 14 he will be happy to dispel these myths while giving you braces that will help you to improve your smile.

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