The Benefits of Palatal Expanders

The Benefits of Palatal Expanders

Different treatment programs are employed in dentistry to ensure that patients get the kind of success they are looking for in their oral cavity. The variations in the treatment options change from one condition to another, not to mention, from one patient to another. Ideally, children are treated differently from adults in any healthcare system. It explains why pediatric dentistry is a big word in dental healthcare.

If you have signed up your family to family dentistry near you, then you know that your doctor will be interested in the dentition of your child. Children can benefit most from dental works since they are still growing. Treatment options like orthodontics work better for children than for adults. Read on to find out why, and which appliances are used for successful orthodontic treatment in children.

What Are Palatal Expanders?

They are oral appliances used in orthodontic treatment to treat different oral problems. The devices are used for children since they are still growing and their teeth are developing. The main areas where the expanders are necessary is in treating:

  1. Crossbites
  2. Crowded mouth

The dental expanders are usually installed in the upper jaw. They feature metallic bands that are placed around teeth or bonded to teeth. The primary goal of these dental devices is to increase the room in the mouth of a patient. This is often done before braces are installed, to further continue the orthodontic treatment. A different alternative of achieving this in the mouth of a patient is by removing the baby teeth. However, palatal expanders are more preferable than the former method.

How Do They Work?

The dental expanders are for expanding the space in your mouth. To achieve this, the device is adjusted at different intervals. Usually, expanders are custom-made. They feature a tiny screw at the center. Depending on the treatment plan the orthodontists or general dentist has created for you, the expander is adjusted to stimulate the growth of the bone. This treatment relies on the concept of bone regeneration and development in children’s teeth.

How Long Do You Wear Them?

Most of the patients who ask this question are concerned about the discomfort and pain that might be associated with the expanders. One thing you must know is that they do not hurt. Ideally, you may experience some soreness the instant they are inserted in your mouth. However, this sensation will disappear after 5 or so minutes.

These dental appliances are not t be worn for life. Depending on your prescription, you may need to wear them for 1-3 weeks. However, as Dr. Soltanian will tell you, some patients need them for much longer sometimes as long as 6 months.

Why Use Palatal Expanders?

There are other alternatives in orthodontic treatment. At Braces Now 14, we recommend the expanders for younger patients because of the incredible results realized. If you are still on edge about the idea of expanders, consider the following benefits:

  1. Retention of teeth – for a crowded mouth situation, it may require removing teeth to make room for the rest to properly align. With these devices, you may not need to have your teeth removed.
  2. Non-invasive procedure – no surgery is involved
  3. It works with your natural growth – children are still growing, and so is their dentition. This treatment works hand in hand with the natural growth and development process of children to achieve the intended results.
  4. Better the orthodontic process – the process of realigning teeth takes time and can be a complex process. With early intervention with dental expanders, dental experts have an easier time working on your dentition, with more effective results.
  5. Reduces snoring – snoring can be a big problem in your overall health. With oral expanders, the size of your nasal airways is increased. This significantly reduces snoring and breathing difficulties at night.


Your child has a better chance of having a flawless smile if the orthodontic treatment commences at his younger age. Besides, the use of oral expanders works best before kids hit puberty. The time-sensitivity of these expanders is a reality that most parents are yet to understand. Besides that, these expanders are high maintenance, hence requiring a lot of attention and involvement of the parents. Visit our dental facility today to learn more about this treatment option.

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